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Service/Maintenance Request Form

*Beer Properties,
*Coal Yard Apartments and/or
*Beverly and Steven Beer Apartments

If you are having an Emergency
(FIRE or imminent personal SAFETY issue)
Call 911

Dire Building or Apartment Problems (fire, flood or similar):
     Call David Beer at 607-280-5755,
     Or the office at 607-273-5929 or 607-280-0512.

***For All Routine Maintenance Issues: fill out the form below.  When you click "Submit Form" the form information will be sent to us.


Your Name:
Your Phone Number:
Building Address:
Apartment Number:
Should the repairman call you?
Do you wish to be present during the service call?
If YES, when are you available between 8 AM and 4 PM weekdays?
Brief Description Problem 1:
When did you first notice the problem?
Further details:
* Optional Information
*Brief Description Problem 2:
*When did you first notice the problem?
*Further details:
*Brief Description Problem 3:
*When did you first notice the problem?
*Further details:
Your Email (Required):
**Call the office (607-273-5929) if the problem has not been addressed within 24 hours during the work week. (Only dire building or apartment problems are addressed outside the work week.)
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